How we do this

I always paint in Procreate on the iPad. Of all the drawing/painting apps available it is the one that affords me the most authentic painting experience. A lifetime of painting in the analog world has made me a bit fussy about how an app presents the drawing experience. 

When Noel receives my list of the next ten birds I wish to paint he will send me what we call stories. They’re really just a short description of the bird and if a female and/or juvenile needs to be in the painting as well. He’ll also include any notes about relevant botany, natural history and behaviour that might be appropriate to include. 

I then go nuts and paint up a storm and when I think it’s getting close I send him a jpeg. He’ll take a couple of days and stare at it while making notes. He puts the jpeg into Procreate and slices, dices and comments all over the painting and fires it back to me.

My turn comes and I look over his edits, make the changes and send it back to him in its corrected state. We keep doing this until we are both happy about the finished product. At that point its a big “Signed off” 

Noels encyclopedic knowledge and razor sharp memory are usually the final arbiter of the accuracy of each species. We will discuss differences of opinions but that is usually not necessary as we both know when something is wrong with a painting. It might be days before one of us figures out what that might be but we are both very excited when we do. At that point I will jump back into the painting and make my changes. Very, very cool process.

Heres one we are working on right now. It’s the Dark Pewee and shown are his first set of edits with my corrections following. This one is still pending and therefore not signed off yet. I await his next edit set with bated breath;)


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