We’re back

Well, its been quiet on the posting front and for some very good reasons. We’ve been travelling for almost 3 months now. We left Colón Panama in April and arrived in the Ortega River in northern Florida in late June. Of course it took that long because we travelled by sailboat, a very slow way of travelling.

What sailing long distances can usually entail is making a two or three day (and night) jump to a island and then waiting for a favourable weather window to make the next two or three day jump to the next island. All this jumping and waiting takes time. The waits between sailing aren’t all wasted though since we would bird our little asses off if at all possible.
For example, in Isla Providencia which is a beautiful place we managed to see the local endemic, the San Andres Verio amongst others.
We moved the boat to northern Florida because its cheaper to keep the boat here than in Panama and its cheaper to fly to CR from Florida than it is to fly to CR from Panama City in Panama.
We’re looking forward to buckling down to work in CR in the next couple of weeks.


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