2 minute drawing

This is a low resolution video of just about every pen stroke that went into the Black-throated Wren painting.

The painting itself took 17.5 hours to do. The video was originally 18 minutes long but has been shortened to 2 minutes. Even that 2 minutes is too long for even me to watch and I drew the thing.

Still I thought it might be fun for folks to get an idea of what’s involved.

When I started the painting I had yet to see a Black-throated Wren and admittedly was struggling a bit. We were living and working in Bocasdel Torro Panama and I happened to be visiting some friends who lived near Hospital point when I finally had the unplanned opportunity to see one in the field.

The property has some trails through the under brush and to my delight, within minutes of my arrival a loud and raucous call got my attention. We had very clear views of his/her behaviour for close to ten minutes. Perfect! I brought these fresh observations back to the painting and was then able to move forward.

More than anything else, having the opportunity to watch its behaviour and the way it moved through the understory definitely contributed to what success this painting may possess.



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