This is a blog about “The Field Guide Companion to the Endemics of Central America” It will most likely be in the form of a mobile app as that format is ideal for field work.
Noel Ureña and I have been working on this project for three years.

We wanted to bring something new to this field centered around the paintings and have slowly been developing a methodology for ensuring the accuracy of those paintings. Since the project hinges on this accuracy it makes sense that much of our time has been devoted to improving the editing language along with the way that editing process is communicated.
It is at this point a very refined and exciting process.

Carey Lee is project managing and developing the app. We would not be here without her and in fact both Noel and I agree we would still be talking about how we should do this someday.

Noel Ureña is a highly respected birding guide in Costa Rica and is regarded as one of the more knowledgeable in the field of neo-tropic birds.

Myself, Bryan have been an professional artist ever since I can remember. I’ve been studying birds all my life as well so this project is a very comfortable fit.

Carlos Ureña is Noels brother and is a fine birding guide and birder in his own right. It is haunting to hear Carlos and Noel whistle up a bird in its own accent and local dialect.