Hot off the press

Hot off the presses with paint still drying. The Tawny-chested Flycatcher, a higher altitude species. We had fun with this … More


Wrenthrush. These are the only species in their family. They were once thought to belong to either the Thrush or … More

2 minute drawing

This is a low resolution video of just about every pen stroke that went into the Black-throated Wren painting. The … More

Nice backyard bird

Turquoise Cotinga in the Cecropia tree, nice! This Cecropia is mere feet away from the balcony so good views of … More

Mystery Hummer

Another mystery bird, in this case a hummer we are currently working on. A high altitude species who will sometimes … More


What species is shown in this painting? No prize for getting it right. Just the satisfaction of nailing it.

A new guy

This is the Volcano hummingbird which is found at the higher elevations. Its an interesting species because of the variants … More

About time

Finally getting back to painting. This one is the elusive Cherrie's Tanager. Actually its not that elusive as it is … More

We’re back

Well, its been quiet on the posting front and for some very good reasons. We’ve been travelling for almost 3 … More