A new guy

This is the Volcano hummingbird which is found at the higher elevations. Its an interesting species because of the variants … More

About time

Finally getting back to painting. This one is the elusive Cherrie's Tanager. Actually its not that elusive as it is … More

We’re back

Well, its been quiet on the posting front and for some very good reasons. We’ve been travelling for almost 3 … More

Yellow-winged Vireo

A higher altitude species, This guy is our latest signed off painting, this particular one went through quite a few … More

Finally up

Well, the website is finally up, Whew! We’ll be tweaking and fussing with it for a bit. Away we go. … More

Signed off

So, here is the finished Dark Pewee. We went through several subtle pose varations and settled on this one. The … More

App design mockup

Here is a screen shot of the App mockup. Its a working model so we are able to test the … More

How we do this

I always paint in Procreate on the iPad. Of all the drawing/painting apps available it is the one that affords … More

Where we is

Almost three years of full time work has produced a completed species count of 130 which include the descriptions, paintings, … More